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Chefs & Caterers


Why not let us do all the work for you?  We will source all ingredients, prepare, cook and package the product ready for you to heat, serve and take the glory.  Choose from our current product range or work in consultation with our master butcher and consultants to create a speciality dish. 


We promise to deliver the freshest, most moist and tender meat that will provide consistent first class results every time. Order from our existing product line of meat products and meals or work with our team to bring your vision and recipe to life.


UFF create perfectly cooked meals from your recipe or ours that are ready to heat and serve any time


Work with us to bring your food vision to life in sous-vide perfection.  uniting fresh foods will happily work with  your recipe or ours 


We use the sous-vide cooking method that is innovative and hi tech. Lets create a new signature dish together

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