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uniting fresh foods
Our Story

UFF specialize in creating tailor-made sous-vide meats and meals for clients who want to experience that extra level of freshness and quality.

How stainability and technology came together to build uniting fresh foods

UFF_Master logo black_edited.jpg
UFF_Master logo black_edited.jpg


Our Story  . . . begins with a butcher and a big idea. Created in 2010 uniting fresh foods was established by John Holmes, a Master Butcher, with over 40 years’ experience in the meat industry.

Born and raised on a cattle farm west of Toowoomba, John, was taught the enhanced taste and saving's of slow cooked meals by his grandmother. John saw the benefits of sous vide cooking techniques as a perfect match for his sustainable approach to meat. Looking for new challenge in an evolving market, John created a niche business specialising in sous-vide meat products - uniting fresh foods.


Since 2010 we have built strong and long-lasting relationships with local contacts and suppliers. Today we have a warehouse processing plant and cold-room at Morningside in Brisbane. We supply fully cooked sou-vide meats to the hospitality, health, education and aged care sectors. Our innovative process ensures our products maintain flavour, taste, tenderness and full nutritional value. During our sous-vide process, proteins are sealed in high micron vacuum bags, then cooked at low temperatures for long periods (up to 12-14 hours), then chill blasted. This ensures UFF products have a chilled shelf life of up to 40 days. 

Try our meats and meals and taste the difference yourself!

Our mission

Our mission . . .  at uniting fresh foods is to provide our clients with affordable, high-quality sous-vide meats and meals.  We are your go to source for quality sous-vide meats and meals. We are proud to provide our customers with delicious and sustainable meals, while maintaining a relationship with local suppliers. As an independent business, we take pride in delivering exceptional niche services that meet and exceed our customer expectations.

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Our commitment

 Our commitment . . . to using the sous-vide technique to create delicious meals sets us apart from the competition. We specialize in creating tailor-made sous-vide meats and meals for clients who want to experience that extra level of freshness and qualityuniting fresh foods are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality meats and meals, and we work tirelessly to maintain our reputation for excellence.

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Our products

 Our products . . .  are made using simple, high-quality ingredients, cooked to perfection using the sous-vide method, which guarantees delicious and consistent results. We offer a variety of products ranging from pulled meats to ready-to-eat meals.  The uniting fresh foods range is constantly evolving with trending tastes and cooking innovations.

UFF_Master logo black_edited.jpg
UFF_Master logo black_edited.jpg
Our team

Our team . . . of seasoned chefs are always ready to collaborate with clients to create the perfect meal to meet their specific needs.  Our experts bring over 40 years of experience in the meat industry, crafting a one-of-a-kind dining experience using the latest sous-vide techniques.


We pride ourselves on building local partnerships to support our community. uniting fresh foods is an independent business passionate about delivering delicious and sustainable meals.

Our clients

Our clients . . .  are from all levels of the food industry from individuals and institutions through to catering companies and restaurants.  Our Big Black UFF Truck is taking the uniting fresh foods concept and menu to more and more weekend markets in South-East Queensland.  uniting fresh foods offers clients the ability to create their own dishes with their own flavours.

Wherever you are placed in the food industry uniting fresh foods products are as creative as your imagination.

Contact us if you want to experience the amazing taste of sous-vide meats and meals!

UFF_Master logo black_edited.jpg
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