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 Sous-vide simply is  . . . 

Sous-vide is process of cooking in a vacuumed bag that enhances flavour, tenderness, consistency

and chilled shelf life

What is sous-vide?

Although sous-vide literally means “under vacuum” in French, the defining feature of the sous-vide method is not packaging or vacuum sealing; it is accurate temperature control. 


Sous-vide has a rich history dating back to the late 1700s. This process has only been really recognised in commercial 5-star kitchens over the last 10 years and is only now becoming a popular choice as chefs start to understand the value this system brings to their product and delivery.


Sous-vide is essentially a technique in which raw product is placed within a vacuum-sealed bag - immersed in water and cooked at a consistent, controlled temperature. This cooking technique typically involves cooking food for longer periods of time at a lower set temperature to ensure you retain integrity and food safety practices at all times. As food is vacuum sealed in a sous-vide bag, it doesn’t dehydrate or lose its form while cooking. The original weight, flavour and natural colour and aroma of the food is maintained and enhanced.


What was once exclusive to high-end restaurants is now available to clients of Uniting Fresh Foods. 



​"Flavour, moisture and tenderness is enhanced as meats marinate in their own juices while cooking low and slow"



Precise temperature control  and uniformity of temperature allow for consistent outcomes 



Our slow long sous-vide cooking process makes any cut of meat tender and delicious



Traditional losses in cooking meat of 20- 40% are a thing of the past 



Nutrients, colour and aroma are maintained reducing need for added salt or fat



Sourcing UFF product will save your business in labour, utility costs and product yield




Vacuum sealing our products has increased chilled shelf life of between 4 - 6 weeks 


Sous-vide is a highly effective way to minimise costly ways of production and cooking. From the labour, electricity and yield to the shelf life and consistency. All these attributes must be taken into consideration when comparing pricing between raw and cooked meats.


Usually when cooking meat from raw you generate a loss, anywhere between 20% - 40% before you add any additional costs on top to produce the product. This is all determined on how you cooked the meat as to how much percent you lose.


For example, If you purchase a meat product for $6.00 kg with a:

20% loss the same product owes you $7.50 kg

30% loss the same product owes you $8.58 kg

40% loss the same product owes you $9.99 kg



Having alliances with growers and producers, UFF purchase in bulk, therefore passing on these savings to the customer.  Whether using the products in recipes or having them as a roast, you can guarantee the same quality and consistency from UFF each and every time.



Portion and Cost Control

Low Product Shrinkage

Increased Chilled shelf life

UFF will also save you labour, cleaning, electricity, gas, water  and product yield costs


When cooking, uniting fresh foods only uses the highest quality vacuum-sealed bags, to retain their moisture and integrity. By using these high micron bags, we allow our cooked products a shelf life of between 4 and 6 weeks. This shelf life does vary between products.

Uniting Fresh Foods cook their products in a water bath set between 65 – 68 degrees. As an example, the beef products (pending their weights) are cooked for an average of 14 hours before being placed in an ice bath to refresh, prior to be placed in the fridge.



When using sous-vide products you can ensure saving costs on all aspects of your business, big or small.  When cooking from raw you are spending money on hidden expenses such as:


  • Water

  • Electricity

  • Yield loss

  • Labour

  • Cost of minimising shelf life


Labour is the highest expense for any business across all industries and to reduce your labour in a kitchen you either purchase a machine to do the work or have the products bought in already done. Both these methods have been proven adequate savings approach for businesses.


Cooking meat can be an expensive and lengthy process!


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