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It makes sense to use Uniting Fresh Foods  products in your kitchen.


  • Flavour

  • Tenderness

  • Chilled shelf life

  • Consistency 

  • Productivity

  • Creativity


  • Planning, Ordering, Preparation and Cooking time

  • Labour costs

  • Utility bills - electricity, gas and water 

  • Product volume loss

  • Reduce fat 

  • Reduce Salt

Make a selection from our existing range

We have an existing range or meat products and exciting new recipes being tested all the time. Browse our range of sliced and pulled deli meats, succulent cuts of sous-vide and smoked meats, curry's, ribs, shanks, whole pork loins and deboned chicken meals. 

Work with us to create your own dish

At Uniting Fresh Foods one of our favourite parts of our business is working with our customers to bring their own recipes to life.  Collaborating with food experts to redefine old favourites wth a new sous-vide style and innovation. 

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