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Our Customers

Chefs & Caterers love

UFF products

Chefs and Caterers love uniting fresh foods products

See the savings in kitchen with reduced labour, utility and production costs across the board 


UFF saves Individual businesses time and money 

Prepared, precooked, packaged in  cryo sealed bags for up to 42 days freshness in the fridge.

Pulled pork, shredded chicken and sliced ham to chicken wings and ribs ready to go at all times 


All the hard work is done for you - no  prep, no mess, no fuss just brilliantly flavoursome, tender, consistent results every time 

UFF makes life in the kitchen easy


Rohan Dowdy
Ipswich City Council
Formally of Broncos Rugby Club

" . .  excellent quality at competitive prices . . . always prepared to go that little bit further "

Screen Shot 2019-02-12 at 12.10.50

I have been using Uniting Fresh Foods for four plus years and have found they  deliver excellent quality at competitive prices.


Unlike some of their competitors, UFF is always prepared to go that little bit further. Whether it be delivering outside normal delivery hours or assisting in designing products for both small and large functions 

Frank Caccavari    

Main Event Catering
Formally of Griffith Food, Griffith University 

"Uniting Fresh Foods exceeds my supplier expectations . .  more like a business partner"

Screen Shot 2019-02-12 at 12.10.50

Uniting Fresh Foods has been more like business partner for me from day one, always going above and beyond to deliver on time and to the exact specification as requested. 


John and Ceri provide outstanding service and products, their whole team have always exceeded our expectations as a supplier. UFF . . . has always based itself on quality and meeting my exact brief on the products I require for each particular event.

I have used UFF to cater Magic Millions and other high profile Queensland events for the past four years. 

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